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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Choose your friends wisely- Your Mirror Neurons are depending on you!

Article by: Trae Dawn

Have you ever observed someone yawning or shedding a tear, only to find yourself mirroring their actions involuntarily?


Have you ever found yourself unintentionally emulating someone's behavior, speech patterns, or actions while in their presence? This phenomenon can be elucidated through neuroscience, specifically in the context of mirror neurons.

Mirror neurons are a specialized type of neuron that activates both when an individual performs an action and when the individual observes the same action being carried out by another.

Consequently, these neurons essentially "mirror" the behavior exhibited by the observed individual, creating a simulation as if the observer were executing the action themselves. Remarkably, this mirroring effect has also been documented in human beings.

Understanding the Concept

This phenomenon suggests that your brain, particularly through mirror neurons, can imitate observed behaviors from your surroundings subconsciously.

Leveraging this Insight

By consciously leveraging this mechanism, you can strategically place yourself in environments where individuals exhibit optimism, proactivity, and positive influences, as they significantly shape your own outlook.

Illustrative Instances

Have you ever noticed how being around individuals who frequently complain can lead you to adopt a similar attitude?
Similarly, have you experienced mirroring behaviors such as yawning or crying after witnessing someone else do so?

Being in the presence of a joyful or energetic individual can have a remarkable impact, leading to an improved mood and a shared smile. Additionally, consider exploring an article on the topic of cultivating happiness.
Despite a distaste for gossip, it's intriguing how one can inadvertently engage in gossip when in the company of individuals inclined to such behavior. Prolonged exposure to gossip may unwittingly influence one's own actions.

Have you experienced a moment of low spirits only to have your mood lifted by an upbeat individual? This interaction can have a significant positive effect on one's emotional state as well.

I hope these examples are enough to give you a good idea of how important your environment is in contributing to mood and behavior.

Selecting companions is a deliberate choice we can make, and it is an important one at that. Opt for individuals who radiate positivity, joy, and kindness. While acknowledging that perpetual happiness is unrealistic, it is prudent to distance oneself from individuals who habitually exhibit discontent or engage in deceptive behavior.

It is advisable to steer clear of individuals prone to judgment, gossip, and negativity, as their influence can significantly impact your emotional well-being.

If you are someone who makes New Year Resolutions then you should definitely put this at the top of your list!

Choose your friends wisely because your mirror neurons are depending on you. 

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