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Monday, December 24, 2018

Jeffree Star's incredible career

Article By: Jennifer Lynn

When you hear the name Jeffree Star these days, most know the beauty influencer mogul for his infamous self-titled cosmetic line Jeffree Star Cosmetics. If you haven't tried Jeffree Star's makeup yet, where have you been?  

Jeffree’s androgynous style, bright hair, and sui genesis tattoos stand out from the rest. But before Jeffree was a big Hollywood name in cosmetics, he was an underground indie musical artist and was often a regular yearly performer on The Warped Tour. 

I was working as a promotional model in Cleveland for The Warped Tour and got my first taste of Star’s musical chops in 2008. Most people don’t realize that Jeffree was in the music business long before his cosmetic line. Starting his music career on MySpace in 2006, Jeffree had a huge following, not only for his avant-garde style music videos but also for his incredibly outlandish persona. I’d become a huge fan of Jeffree’s the summer of 2008. I owned every CD and knew every song as quickly as they were released. The songs were incredibly dance-worthy, unfiltered and in most cases completely relatable. I was totally entranced. 

Photo: Jennifer Lynn

Jeffree was one of the very first musicians to feature newcomer Nicki Minaj in one of his most popular tracks titled Lollipop Luxury in 2009. That was the same year I saw Jeffree live in concert at Peabody’s in Cleveland. The concert did not disappoint and was every bit electric as I’d hope from beginning to end. The venue was packed and everyone wanted to meet Jeffree. I was lucky enough to strike up a conversation with some of Jeffree’s crew during the show and was given the opportunity to talk with Jeffree after the show. 

**Me with Jeffree**

He was kind, humble and extremely grateful. The meeting was meaningful and profound. Memories I’ll never forget. Jeffree & I chatted, took some photos and continued a casual online friendship through social media for a brief while after the concert. Jeffree’s larger-than-life personality makes him a force to be reckoned with. His “tell it like it is” attitude and “keeping it real -always” has gotten him into some hot water on Instagram and Snapchat a few times, but to the true fans who’ve known Jeffree since the beginning, we say Alleluia! It’s what makes him so successful and extremely relatable. Staying true to himself and his fan base. 

Today, Jeffree Star has been in the cosmetic industry for four years, with his earnings to be that of more than 150 million dollars annually and continues to grow. Jeffree Star, who is arguably one of the most influential beauty creators on all of YouTube — and has surpassed 10 million subscribers after posting his first makeup tutorials in Sept. 2015. 

Star frequently shares beauty challenges and reviews on his channel, on which he also showcases various product launches from his Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Star’s YouTube channel also hit another milestone in late 2018, reaching 1 billion lifetime views. The first physical Jeffree Star Cosmetics store opened in August 2018 at Westfield Garden State Plaza in New Jersey. 

Star resides in Calabasas, California with his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt of four years. 

 Photo: Trae Dawn

As of today, Jeffrey’s music has resurfaced with his younger cosmetic fans, who are currently playing it loudly at every Jeffree Star makeup meet and greet; the same fans who were too young to know MySpace or the music that created a Star way before a Beauty Mogul was born. 

@jeffree star - We Love you!

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By: Jennifer Lynn

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