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Sunday, August 26, 2018

PT 2- SYFY - Ohio Chasing Aliens( an Unexplained Phenomenon) and what I saw that night in 1994~

If you didn't read part 1  <---- (click to read part 1) to this story you really should!
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                               FULL STORY BELOW

              ****Screenshot from the SYFY Channel. ****

***Recap: In 1994 my mother and I were driving home late one night and noticed what appeared to be a UFO coming right at us. It came from far in the sky , quickly making its way in front of our truck. 

The object was enormous and circular with multi-colored lights moving all around it. It made no noise. We felt time had stopped as we stared at it, motionless, on the highway. 

When the object finally moved away, it seemed to disappear. For many years, I have told this story and love doing so, but have always wondered if anyone else had seen what we did that night.****

 I decided to research this situation that happened to us so many years ago and see if there were any other reports. I have been wanting to blog about it for some time, so I was hoping something would turn up. And to my amazement, I had found some insight to a 24 year old mystery. Here is the story:


Trumbull County, Ohio - 1994 

All that my mom and I had witnessed was just 30 to 40 minutes prior to the first 911 call made in Trumbull County, Ohio; which is about 40 minutes out from where we were. 

The UFO was headed in that direction, and as soon as it was spotted in Trumbull, calls were made to 911. 

According to an article from ufocasebook a series of calls were made to 911 that night.  These reports all involved people reporting of low-flying UFOs. Dispatcher Roy Anne Rudolph answered most of these calls that night. She reported that most callers said there was a descending, fast moving object with lights. This is exactly what we had seen that night!

Dispatch and police had thought it was probably a plane, balloon, or something of that matter. Listening to the 911 calls you will hear that they took this very lightly and thought of it as comical, at first. 

                                             (full 911 calls from that night)
After so many calls, dispatch decided to notify an officer to go check out the scene. The first officer that arrived in the area was Sergeant Toby Meloro. He expected this to be a routine check.

When Meloro made it to Sampson drive a man approached his vehicle, he was almost in tears. He said the UFO had been hovering over his home and it was headed south. Meloro headed south. What happened next to Sgt. Meloro he will never forget. 

"As Meloro continued south on Samson Drive, suddenly his cruiser went dead. As he attempted to restart his vehicle, it was engulfed by a bright light from above". 

We saw the front (side/top area) of the craft, at that point he saw the bottom, since it was over the top of him. 

The front view had many lights of all different colors. When it was in front of our truck it literally stopped right in front of us on the highway. It made no noise and we felt like we were froze for whatever amount of time it was there. 

"Startled and frightened, he exited his vehicle, and stood outside looking up at a giant object, circular in shape, and intensely bright in the center section.

After about thirty seconds, the giant object moved away. One of the most striking things about Meloro’s sighting was that he heard not a sound from the UFO."😲

This was the same thing we had witnessed earlier that night, except for some reason it had cut his vehicles power.

Once  the object had finally moved away from his vehicle, the police cruiser’s functions returned to normal.  
When the UFO left from in front of our vehicle it just "zoomed" away and disappeared like nothing! 

Meloro couldn't understand what he had just seen and took off to try and follow the object, but it was moving way too fast. He could not keep up.

He called into the dispatch, he reported what he had seen, and notified them of it's direction. Dispatcher Rudulph later made a statement that around 15 officers had seen the UFO. (below)

One of the other officers on duty that night was from Brookfield Township. He had monitored some of the calls and decided to check it out himself. He climbed up an abandoned radar tower to get a good look. When he reached the top he could not believe his eyes. He said he not only saw one UFO, but Three of them. He also said the object(s) changed color in unison; red, yellow, blue & green.

His description fits the description of the UFO we had seen that night; which was about 40 minutes before they had seen it.  It feels so amazing to finally find some information about what I had seen that night, because I felt like we were the only ones who had witnessed this phenomenon. We definitely were not the only ones, we just saw it sooner, as it was making it's way to Trumball County. Police and people for miles were calling in and explaining how they saw this huge craft in the distance. It lasted for about 6 hours total. 
The policemen had all spoken about what they had seen that night. And, although, this was looked into by many, there has never been any explanation for what we had all seen that night. 

I will never understand why it came in front of our truck that night and just stopped. I don't know why it felt like we weren't moving and my mom doesn't recall driving at that point. Maybe it was our freeze response, who knows. But, we still talk about it and it's still vivid in my mind like it was that day.

I am still thrilled that I had the chance to witness something so rare and that I have some validation now.

Below is an older interview the County Police did. They chased the UFO, their cars were turned off and more! 
Below that video is a link to the SYFY Channels episode!
Watch their full interviews here:

This story of that night has made national news!!  I found an episode with a reenactment ON SYFY Channel.  Watch it here 
( if you don't have SYFY channel you can sign up to watch three free episodes)

If you can't get it to load go to SYFY and type in " Trumbull" .

Maybe the next network that does an episode will include us in on it~ 

If anyone has questions or actually witnessed this too, please message me!

I hope you enjoyed my little flash back!

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