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Sunday, August 26, 2018

PT 2- SYFY - Ohio Chasing Aliens( an Unexplained Phenomenon) and what I saw that night in 1994~

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In 1994, during a late-night drive with my mother, we encountered an intriguing sight that appeared to be a UFO heading directly toward us. Originating from a distant point in the sky, it swiftly positioned itself in front of our truck.

The UFO was sizable, circular in shape, and adorned with multicolored lights that danced around its form. Strikingly silent, it held us transfixed in a suspended moment on the highway.

Upon its eventual departure, the object seemingly vanished. Recounting this experience over the years has been a source of fascination for me, prompting curiosity about whether others witnessed the same phenomenon that night.

I decided to delve into a past event that transpired many years ago, aiming to uncover additional reports. This incident has long piqued my interest, prompting me to consider composing a blog post about it. Surprisingly, my investigation yielded valuable information regarding a 24-year-old enigma. Allow me to share the intriguing narrative:


Trumbull County, Ohio - 1994 

The sighting my mother and I experienced occurred approximately 30 to 40 minutes before the initial 911 call was placed in Trumbull County, Ohio, approximately 40 minutes away from our location.

The unidentified flying object (UFO) was observed moving in that direction, prompting subsequent 911 calls upon its sighting in Trumbull. Reports from that night, documented in a UFO casebook article, indicated a series of 911 calls reporting sightings of low-flying UFOs.

Dispatcher Roy Anne Rudolph fielded most of these calls, where callers described a swiftly descending object with illuminated lights, mirroring our observation.

Initially, emergency dispatch and law enforcement personnel speculated that the sightings might be attributed to an aircraft, balloon, or similar object. The 911 call recordings reflect a tone of initial amusement and skepticism among responders.

After numerous reports, dispatch decided to dispatch an officer to investigate the situation. Sergeant Toby Meloro was the first to arrive on the scene and anticipated a routine inspection.

Upon reaching Sampson Drive, Sergeant Meloro encountered a distressed resident who claimed the UFO had been hovering over his residence before moving southward. Following this lead, Meloro proceeded south, only to experience an unforgettable event.

While traveling on Samson Drive, Meloro's patrol car suddenly lost power. As he attempted to restart the vehicle, it was enveloped by a radiant light from above. Meloro then witnessed the craft from a different angle, observing various colored lights on its front, and when it hovered directly above their truck on the highway, it emitted no discernible sound, causing a temporary freeze in their perception of time.

Startled by the encounter, Meloro exited his vehicle and gazed at a massive circular object with an intensely bright central section. After roughly thirty seconds, the object moved away silently. Notably, what stood out in Meloro's account was the absence of any noise emanating from the UFO, mirroring our own experience, albeit with the added impact of disrupting his vehicle's power supply.

                                             (full 911 calls from that night)

Once the object had vacated the vicinity of his vehicle, the police cruiser resumed normal operations. As the UFO swiftly departed and vanished from view, Officer Meloro was left bewildered by the spectacle.

 Attempting to pursue the object, he soon realized its tremendous speed outpaced his efforts to keep pace.

Subsequently, Meloro promptly contacted dispatch to relay the sighting and provide information regarding the object's trajectory. Dispatcher Rudulph later confirmed that approximately 15 officers had also witnessed the UFO.

One of the other officers on duty that night was from Brookfield Township. He had monitored some of the calls and decided to check it out himself. He climbed up an abandoned radar tower to get a good look. When he reached the top he could not believe his eyes. He said he had not only saw one UFO, but three of them. He said the object(s) changed color in unison; red, yellow, blue & green.

The description provided aligns with the UFO sighting we experienced that night, occurring approximately 40 minutes before it was sighted by others. Discovering corroborating information about the event was truly gratifying, dispelling the initial sense of isolation in witnessing such an extraordinary occurrence. It became apparent that numerous individuals, including law enforcement and residents across miles, observed the imposing craft as it traversed towards Trumball County, with the sighting lasting around six hours.

Despite extensive discussions among the police officers regarding their observations, investigations into the incident yielded no conclusive explanations for the phenomenon witnessed by all present that night.

The enigma of why the craft halted directly in front of our vehicle, inducing a peculiar sensation of stasis, remains perplexing. The memory of that surreal moment persists vividly in my mind, a topic my mother and I revisit frequently. Perhaps it triggered a freeze response within us, a phenomenon that continues to puzzle us both. Nevertheless, the recollection of that unforgettable event remains fresh in my thoughts, and I am grateful for the validation it brings to such a rare and remarkable encounter.

Below is an older interview the County Police did. They chased the UFO, their cars were turned off, and more! 
Below that video is a link to the SYFY Channels episode!
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This story of that night has made national news! I found an episode with a reenactment ON SYFY Channel.  Watch it here 
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