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Saturday, August 25, 2018

UFO SIghting in Ohio. A SYFY Exclusive. 🛸

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Do you believe there is life on other planets? I do. 

The Pentagon has recently released footage of an unidentifiable object(I t’s about time footage like this is shared wih the public). Right now, it seems they are merely scratching the surface on what is really out there.
If you want to read about and watch a real ufo story read on about my story from the 1990s.

The universe is huge with over 100 billion galaxies; almost unfathomable. It would be narrow-minded to think we are the only ones out here.

 Now, with that being said maybe I have a reason for thinking the way that I do. For many years,I have wondered, and thought about something my mother, sister , cousin and I had seen back in 1994. 
We were driving, late one fall night, and saw something we would never forget.

Ohio (Dec)1994: I had witnessed something I was never able to fully to understand.Until recently, I thought we were the only ones who had seen this phenomenon.

While driving home from a dance lesson we noticed something far out in the sky. 

What stood out about this was the fact that it was in a circular type shape and it had many colors swirling around it.  As soon as we saw it we commented to one another. 

Although my mom was driving on the highway, and was trying to keep her eyes on the road, she couldn't help but notice this object and how quickly it was descending toward the vehicle. It was coming straight at us.

As this "object" had unseemly came at us so quickly, I can only explain what happened next as simply shocking.

        (This photo depicts it pretty well; not exact, but it will do!)

Before we knew it, this unidentifiable object was right in front of our windshield. It was enormous. (Think plane size but in a circular type shape) 

It covered the whole view so we were no longer able to see the road in front of us. It was stopped right in front of our windshield. 

It felt as though we were frozen. It seemed like the truck was no longer driving. 

What happened to the others on the highway? If we were still driving how were we not smashing into this flying object? How did we not crash into other cars? 

I am not sure how long we sat there "frozen, just staring at it. We couldn't recall why we were just staring at it and why it felt like we weren't moving. 

It made no noise. If the lights weren't so bright and it so large, you wouldn't have known it was coming at you; because unlike a plane or helicopter, it was completely silent.

I do remember when it finally did go away. It almost just..... disappeared. It left very quickly and disappeared into the sky. Mind Boggling, to say the least.

Back then I thought maybe "they", whatever life form that had been controlling the flying object, had possibly paused time? Maybe they were reading our brains? I don't know. 

But my mom had no explanation, either. We both had witnessed the same thing, and we both felt that time had stopped.

Now that I am older I realize we could have possibly felt as though we were frozen due to our cerebellum. Our brains have something called "freeze response".  Most people are aware of the fight-flight response, but not everyone is aware of the fight-flight-freeze response

When the situation you are faced with is so overwhelming that your coping skills are basically paralyzed with fear, you freeze. 

Or maybe not! 

I feel like this is a logical explanation for me because I have been known over the years to have some dissociating going on with perceived threats or traumatic situations. However, I have no way to know if that is what actually happened to me/us that night.
The Breakthrough 
Over the years we have shared this story with many people, only to be mocked and laughed at, by most. 

To us, we never questioned what we saw, only what it was. I never knew exactly what it was; although if you asK us we believe it was a UFO- it truly is unidentifiable. 

I, personally, feel lucky to have seen it. 

Let's FAST FORWARD>>24 Years Later--->>>

I have now found others that have witnessed this same phenomenon. If you are interested in hearing about the town that saw the same thing we did that; along with several police officers, then check out Part 2 of this article.

 I will also share their interviews from the SyFy CHannel + their  testimonials.   

Here is a small video of the 911 calls made that night. These calls were made in a town about 40 minutes out from where we were, and about 40 minutes, or so, later. 

Take a listen and then continue to PART II.        

Listen as the dispatch mocks, and laughs at the callers. They will soon realize this is real and they are part of something that is much bigger.

click here to go to part 2 of this blog- SYFY EPISODE SPECIAL- Chasing Aliens

(Image Screenshot from SYFY Channel- Episode)

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