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Saturday, August 25, 2018

UFO SIghting in Ohio. A SYFY Exclusive. 🛸

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Do you subscribe to the notion of extraterrestrial life? I do.
Recently, the Pentagon has divulged footage of an unidentified object—a long-awaited release to the public. Presently, it appears that this disclosure only scratches the surface of what lies beyond our understanding.

Delving into a real UFO encounter from the 1990s may pique your interest.

Considering the vastness of the universe, comprising over 100 billion galaxies, it would be myopic to assume we are solitary beings in existence.

My conviction in extraterrestrial life may stem from a personal experience.

In 1994, during a late fall evening in Ohio, an event unfolded that left an indelible mark on my memory.

Reflecting on that December night in 1994, a peculiar sighting left me perplexed. For years, I believed our encounter was unique until recent contemplation.

Returning home from a dance lesson, an ethereal sight captivated our attention in the night sky. Noteworthy was its circular form adorned with a kaleidoscope of swirling colors, prompting us to share our astonishment.

Although my mom was driving on the highway and was trying to keep her eyes on the road, she couldn't help but notice this object and how quickly it was descending toward the vehicle. It was coming straight at us.

Upon the abrupt approach of this unidentified object, the ensuing events unfolded with sheer astonishment.

Without warning, the colossal object swiftly loomed before our windshield, its circular form akin to the size of an aircraft, obstructing our view entirely and halting our progress on the road.

In a surreal moment, time seemed to stand still as if the vehicle itself had ceased motion. Questions flooded our minds: How did we avoid a collision with this airborne entity? What fate befell other motorists on the highway amid this bizarre spectacle?

The eerie silence of the object, juxtaposed with its luminous presence, rendered its approach stealthy, unlike the audible approach of conventional aircraft.

As we remained transfixed, the object eventually vanished as swiftly as it had appeared, dissipating into the vast expanse of the sky, leaving behind a bewildering sense of bewilderment.

In the past, I speculated that the entity controlling the aerial object might have halted time or delved into our thoughts. My mother and I were at a loss for an explanation, both perceiving a momentary suspension of time.
Now, with maturity, I understand that our perception of being frozen could be attributed to our cerebellum's "freeze response." While the fight-flight response is well-known, the freeze response is not as widely recognized. When faced with an overwhelmingly distressing situation that surpasses our coping mechanisms, we may instinctively freeze.

Reflecting on this, I acknowledge my tendency to dissociate in response to perceived threats or trauma, although I cannot definitively confirm that this was the case that night.

Our account of the incident has been met with skepticism and ridicule by many over the years. Despite the skepticism, we remain steadfast in our recounting of the event, uncertain of its nature but inclined to label it a UFO sighting due to its inexplicable nature.

I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed the event. Fast forward 24 years later, I have connected with others who share a similar experience. If you are intrigued by a detailed account of the shared phenomenon witnessed by residents of our town, including several police officers, refer to Part 2 of this article. It will feature their interviews from the SyFy Channel and their testimonials.

Here is a small video of the 911 calls made that night. These calls were made in a town about 40 minutes out from where we were, and about 40 minutes, or so, later. 

Take a listen and then continue to PART II.        

Listen as the dispatch mocks, and laughs at the callers. They will soon realize this is real and they are part of something that is much bigger.

click here to go to part 2 of this blog- SYFY EPISODE SPECIAL- Chasing Aliens

(Image Screenshot from SYFY Channel- Episode)

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